Promoting Eivissa/Ibiza in Fitur

The Ibiza Town Council will be promoting visits to the town during the off season as well as the localworld heritage sites as part of the upcoming tourism trade fair FITUR, which begins this Wednesday and continues up until the 22nd of January.
To this effect new leaflets have been published in an effort to promote visits to both the world heritage sites, one highlightbeing the possibility of dramatized visits to the Dalt Vilanecropolis, and the extensions of Posidonia Oceanica that lie off the coast. Regarding the promotion of year-round visits to Ibiza the FITUR stand will be offering promotional material relating to all the cultural events programmed for the municipality over the coming year.

During the FITUR trade fair the local Council for Tourism will be implementing a promotional action designed to raise awareness regarding theirnew tourism website and social media participation. This action consists of a competition in which participants will be required to correctly answer two questions relating to aspects such as the local cuisine, culture and world heritage sites in order to obtain a code and be invited to participate in a raffle featuring a selection of locally made products.
The local Councillor for Tourism, Gloria Corral, emphasised the fact that the efforts in promotion are focussed on promoting both the cultural and patrimonial values of the town as well as the fact that the town itself is a vibrant place to visit all year round, with a cultural and culinary offering that can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

The councillor thanked the Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Eivissa for the design of bookmarks made from a combination of posidonia oceanica and sandas well as ten decorative goblets made by students of ironwork.
The director of the Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Eivissa (Arts and Crafts School), Miguel Martínez, emphasised the fact that all these items are both 100% handcrafted and unique and feature 500 bookmarks plus a watercolour by artist Julia Fragua depicting the most natural side of the island, a fitting tribute given that 2017 is to be dedicated to sustainable tourism. In the opinion of the director of the school these unique items reflect the true essence of the island.
The Museo Monográfico de Puig des Molins also collaborated in the promotion of cultural heritage by offering dramatized visits to the necropolis and bracelets representative of the materials found on the site.
The Council for Tourism will also be promoting the shopping areas of La Marina and Carrer de la Virgen.

Visita Eivissa en FITUR 2017 (Madrid):

Stand de Eivissa situación

Stan de Ibiza en Fitur


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