Ceremonies and events in Ibiza


The ‘white’ island has become an emblematic setting for weddings and private ceremonies in addition to other types of event, such as product launches, management meetings and conferences. The beauty, magic and atmosphere of Ibiza guarantee a successful celebration, whatever the occasion.

The many cultural and natural elements protected by the Unesco World Heritage declaration make Ibiza the perfect setting for an unforgettable event, whether the organisers are individuals, companies, organisations or institutions.

Civil weddings are generally held in the hall of the Town Council, though the wedding couple or other interested parties are free to request other municipal spaces, such as the cloisters of the former Santo Domingo Convent or any of the Santa Llucia, Sant Pere or Santa Tecla ramparts, or bastions.

The Santa Llucia ramparts can accommodate 1000 standing or 500 seated guests and offer spectacular views of the old town and the Mediterranean.

The Sant Pere bastion offers standing room for 250 guests or seating for 150 and occupies part of the spectacular Renaissance walls. Facilities include a fixed stage, toilet facilities and dressing rooms.

The 16th-century former Dominican Convent features a wonderful cloister framed by semi-circular arches and can accommodate 150 standing or 80 seated guests and includes toilet facilities and sun shades.

The town council also offers the use of Can Tomeu, a summer-camp-style property owned by the Ibiza Council that houses a traditional Ibizan structure dating from the 17th century.

Many businesses on the island have specialised in the organisation of unique events that combine historical surroundings with requests from individuals or organisations seeking originality, quality service and memories that will last a lifetime.

Aside from these spaces the municipality is also home to white sand beaches, world-renowned night-time leisure spots and a wide range of holiday options that includes cultural tours, maritime and sporting activities, spaces designed for relaxation and attractive shopping alternatives, the combination of which is guaranteed to make any event both unique and unforgettable.