Creative Tourism


Ibiza is a refuge for painters, musicians, sculptors and architects, indeed all artists who, in the island’s freedom, light and innovative atmosphere, have discovered a unique environment that favours creativity and inspiration.

It is a place where many come to search for ideas, others to design surprising projects and the majority to discover new horizons, and for this reason Eivissa (Ibiza) plays host to a wide range of exhibitions, cultural events and avant-garde movements all year round.

For its part, the Ibiza Town Council is a member of the Creative Tourism Network, an international network dedicated to the promotion of creative tourism that actively supports a wide range of activities including electronic music workshops, ball pagès classes (a typical Ibizan dance), cooking classes, language and photography classes, etc. – all in all a series of cultural, heritage, gastronomic and sporting initiatives that have been programmed for the municipality from November onwards.

The island is also of interest to communities of observers and experts who seek to develop new tourism-related ideas based of the experiences and interests of those who have chosen Ibiza as a holiday destination, and many technological platforms, service companies, suppliers and individual users have already used the island as a reference centre for a diverse range of activities such as gauging the impact of social networks or recommendations systems, ecological excursions and new proposals for sustainable tourism.

In summary, Ibiza is a meeting place for tourists, entrepreneurs, artists and all restless, impulsive individuals who seek to encourage transformation and open up either new paths for reflection and learning or new spaces for the exchange of discoveries and original ideas. Ibiza is a creative laboratory in which global trends are both born and consolidated.

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