Health Tourism

Ibiza is the perfect destination for those seeking inner harmony or who wish to spoil themselves with specific health and beauty treatments. The Town Council sponsors the “Ibiza Health” programme with the collaboration of a number of private companies and public institutions who together offer holiday makers the opportunity to get the most out of their stay by improving their quality of life while enjoying new experiences.

The programme targets visitors who wish to make the most of their stay by reserving a surgical intervention or aesthetic treatment. The initiative is promoted by the Ibiza Town Council, the Ibiza Island Council and the companies Eiviluxury and Grupo Policlínica, both of which are local pioneers in this type of offer.

The Town Council is coordinating efforts to improve the catalogue of services included in the “Ibiza Health” programme, which targets an international public and is available year round, and discussions are taking place with hoteliers and transport companies in an effort to extend the range of available tourism packages.