Ibiza Posidonia Party, this saturday

Ibiza Posidonia Party offers free activities for all audiences at the beach of ses Figueretes, with the aim of giving visibility to the Posidonia and its biodiversity. An event that joins the World Cleanup Day 2019, with cleaning actions on the beach and the coast. A tribute party to the meadow of Posidonia, in the year in which the 20th Anniversary of the declaration of World Heritage by Unesco is celebrated. Date: Saturday, September 21 of 2019. Place: Julià Verdera Square (Ses Figueretes). Opening hours: from 10 a 19.30h.

Organised by Ibiza Town Hall. With the participation of: Fishermen’s Association of Ibiza and the Servei d’Educació Ambiental of the GEN-GOB Eivisssa; Center for the Recovery of Marine Species of the Aquarium of Cap Blanc (CREM), Tursiops, Amics de la Terra, Ibiza Stop Plastics and the Arquiteca, along with other entities and environmental groups of Ibiza, in addition to the Association of Neighbors of ses Figueretes, restaurants and artistic proposals linked to the ‘Viu la Posidònia’ program.

Each workshop starts at the time marked in the program, but continues throughout a playful day in which all activities are open to the public and free, within a party that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the declaration of World Heritage. Each person, family or group can participate in as many workshops as they wish throughout the day. Children and adults who participate in the workshops will receive an Ibiza Posidonia t-shirt as a prize, with which they will have priority in gastronomic tastings.


Marina Botafoc

Photo immersion in the Posidonia with Scuba Ibiza, aimed at generating a bank of images on the World Heritage meadow, which will be part of an exhibition for the III edition of the ‘Viu la Posidònia’ program, in 2020.
Opening hours: from 9.30 a 13.30. (*people who already have a previous reservation).

Ibiza Yacht Club

Visits in llaüt to the Posidonia. Excursion in the traditional boat of Ibiza under the ‘Viu la Posidònia’ program.
Opening hours: from 9.30 a 12.30 and from 18 to 21 (*with capacity for 8 people, who already have a previous reservation).

Ses Figueretes

10.00. Welcome and presentation

10.05-12.30 Kayak visits to Posidonia with Anfibibios

10.05 -19.30: Exhibition Recicl-Arte 2019, of Ibiza Sostenible

10.05-11.30 World Clean Day-Ibiza Posidonia
-Clean the coast by kayak with Kayak-Ibiza
-Clean the beach of Ses Figueretes with all the people, families and groups of volunteers who want to join.

10.15-19.30 Environmental workshops

10.15 Gen-Gob Eivissa workshop: Citizen Science Project ‘Plastic 0’. You can learn how marine pollution by plastics affects marine fauna, human health and the environment and participate in the project that is being developed by GEN-GOB Eivissa, in collaboration with the Higher Council of Scientific Research, to make a diagnosis of our beaches.

10.30 Amics de la Terra Eivissa workshop: “Dóna vida a la mar” (Give life to the sea). Game for children and adults, with explanations about the impact of plastics in the sea and how to recycle waste or avoid them.

10.45 Workshop “Suerte de la Posidonia” (Luck of the posidonia). Posidonia was traditionally used in country houses as insulation. Silvia Sánchez, creator of the Arquiteca, proposes a workshop where participants can take charms full of luck and protection provided by the millenary plant.

11.00 Environmental workshop ‘Peix Nostrum’ Posidonia. The Fishermen’s Association of Ibiza invites you to know the species that inhabit the marine environment of the Posidonia and the work that fishermen on the island do, as protectors of the sea.

11.15 Eivissa Posidònia Game: What do you know about the Posidonia? Brenda Fatecha, a biologist from Ibiza who has participated in the activities of ‘Viu la Posidonia’, is the author of the website www.posidoniaoceanica.com, which contains her final degree work at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. For this event, she proposes the game “what do you know about Posidonia?”, Through which the participants will be able to discover keys and curiosities of the gigantic submerged forest, a World Heritage Site.

11.30 Gastronomic tribute to Posidonia (Tastings: 50 servings of each tapa will be served with priority for people who have participated in the workshops and have received the Posidonia ‘shirt’). 11.30 Ca N’Alfredo (Joan Riera y José Torres: Pa amb olli – Bread with oil, champion of Balearic Islands), 11.40 Sa Nansa (Pedro Tur: Marinade ‘Peix Nostrum’), 11.50 Reart (David Reartes: Squid sándwich in ‘xeixa’ bread and its ink, with emulsion of halophytes and saffron), 12.00 Sa Brisa (Gonzalo Aragüez, croquettes of ‘bullit de peix’).

12.30 The Posidonia, the treasure of biodiversity:The turtles again spawn in Ibiza. The CREM Marine Species Recovery Center will report on the measures to protect the turtles that have spawned in Ibiza this summer and explain what to do if you find a sea turtle or marine animal in distress, so that it can be returned to its own habitat.

13.15 Dolphins and the sound of Posidonia. The Tursiops association, founded with the aim of contributing to the protection and conservation of cetaceans in the Mediterranean, will explain their work with bottlenose dolphins in Ibiza and we will learn how to differentiate them by their signature whistle.

14.00: Gastronomic tribute to Posidonia (Tastings: 50 servings of each tapa will be served with priority for people who have participated in the workshops and have received the Posidonia ‘shirt’). 14.00 Ca N’Alfredo (Catalina Riera: ‘Frita de pulpo’ – Fried Octopus), 14.30 Guillemís by Can Mosson (Joan Roig: Fideuá with monkfish with marine plankton), 15.00 Sushiya Aoyama (Hideki Aoyama: Posidonia tribute), 15.30 Il Dek (Francesco Secci: Homemade gnocchi with red shrimp), 16.00 Café Montesol by Sagardi (Víctor Dellago: Octopus Fry Tartlet, classic Sagardi pintxo with local product from Ibiza).

Posidonia as art

16.30-17.00 Recicl-Arte 2019. The team of Ibiza Sostenible will present the sculptures Cyanea and Nomura, Mr Podenco and Pla de Corona, and explain the artistic, social and educational initiatives that are developed on the island for the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

17.00-18.30 Performance ‘Stop plastic’ by Proartso. An interactive work that includes in its scenography the creation of a sculpture with residues from the sea as an argument for reflection.

18.30-19.15 Children’s theater.  David i Monma: “El príncep dels embolics”.

19.30 Closure

With the collaboration of Agua KmZero (Sustainability: Agua KmZero is only served in exclusive reusable glass containers that respect the content and do not generate waste with each use. www.aguakmzero.com)

Ibiza Posidonia Party Program

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