Exhibition “The Art of Posidonia”

Dénia, Eivissa and Cambrils present at FITUR the launch of the experiential ecotourism project ‘Vive la posidonia’.
The mayors of Cambrils, Dénia and Ibiza inaugurate the exhibition ‘The Art of Posidonia’, at the Desearte gallery, located at Calle Villanueva 43 in Madrid. This is a project shared by the three cities in favour of the creation of sustainable tourism experiences and products, with Next Generation funds from the European Union. The exhibition will feature unique designs in jewellery, ceramics, painting and sculpture by artists from the three cities, the source of inspiration for which is the creativity surrounding Posidonia.
The project has been selected by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, within the “Experiencias Turismo España” programme, and has been awarded 1,157,780 euros from the European Next Generation fund for its development.
The opening ceremony was attended by the mayors of the three cities; Oliver Klein (Cambrils), Vicent Grimal (Dénia) and Rafael Ruiz (Ibiza), together with the delegate of Baleària in the Balearic Islands (Joan Serra). The event was presented by Mar Gómez, meteorologist and doctor in Physical Sciences.
The aim of the exhibition is to give visibility to Posidonia, the millenary underwater plant that is a World Heritage Site. The artist David Callau Gené, from the Desearte gallery and born in Cambrils, will be exhibiting two large paintings and two sculptures, works inspired by Posidonia. As the artist explains, “on one of my trips to Ibiza I collected remains of Posidonia from the sand and treated it with my hands until I transformed it into a natural pigment. This is how I began one of my first works with the plant. Later, in Cambrils I continued with the artistic process of research on Posidonia and the natural texture of its shape and body to transfer it to the canvas. The result is a work where the Posidonia forms barriers of matter that from the air resemble the seas that bathe Ibiza, Dénia and Cambrils“.
For its part, Magari Things, made up of two artisans from Dénia, will exhibit a collection of ceramics with a process inspired by Posidonia. Its creators are Angelica Fossemó and Jean Fleche, who combine the alchemy of composites and model by hand and turn with their own glazes and using gas kilns for the collections in ceramics, where the Mediterranean is always a source of inspiration. Their ceramics with organic textures and finishes integrate the natural environment, which completes their handcrafted pieces. This creative current that embraces Posidonia and the Mediterranean has led numerous chefs to bring to the tables of their restaurants in Dénia, dishes in which the artistic and gastronomic experience is combined.

The city of Ibiza shows in the exhibition the work of jewellers Elisa Pomar Ibiza and Enric Majoral, together with 20 images of a retrospective exhibition showing photographs of the dives carried out in the city between 2017 and 2022.
Elisa Pomar, a direct descendant of the quintessential Ibizan jewellery lineage, continues her work focused on evolving and contemporising Ibiza’s ancestral tradition. In the exhibition, she shows a spectacular ’emprendada’, a set of jewellery that dresses up the traditional Ibizan peasant dance, which in this case incorporates pieces, elements and shapes from the marine ecosystem. The jewellery on display in the exhibition is once again a story of sums, in which Elisa Pomar takes Posidonia and its interaction with other aquatic organisms as inspiration and makes them the protagonists of her particular universe of baroque jewellery. In 2016 she received the Gold Medal of the Council of Ibiza, in recognition of her career.
As for Enric Majoral, it is a vital and creative project that began on the island of Formentera in the 1970s, where Enric Majoral started out as a self-taught jeweller, creating through experimentation and artisan technique. In 2001 Enric Majoral
created the Posidonia collection, inspired by the marine plant protected in the Pitiusas Islands as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It is a collection that adapts to the body in an organic way and stands out for its simplicity, minimalism and movement. Enric
Majoral received the National Craftsmanship Award from the Ministry of Industry in 2007, as well as the Ramón Llull Award from the Balearic Government in 2019. The Museum of Arts and Design in New York has two of his jewels in its permanent collection.

The exhibition also features 20 images marked in the project ‘Vive la Posidonia Ibiza 2017-2022’. The retrospective exhibition aims to raise awareness and give visibility to the underwater meadow, which has been the main
which has been the common thread of the collection of images that has grown over the years thanks to the passion and collaboration of underwater photographers, biologists, oceanographers and people from the world of communication and art. The images document extraordinary events such as the blooming of Posidonia and show the extraordinary richness of its biodiversity. Among the photographers exhibiting images are Fernando Estarellas; Olga Escandell, José Ramón Fernández, Joan Pereira, Marisol Torres, Paulo Peixoto, Daniel Lop, Antonio Planells Riera, Pablo Montoro, Pepi Rivera, Javier Ruiz, Joan Costa, Simón Vila, Carmen Escandell, María Tur Escandell, Jaume Torres and Xavier Màs.

The sculptures of Antonio Villanueva, an artist who settled in Ibiza in the 1970s and who has a strong artistic career on a national and international level, are also part of the exhibition, in collaboration with the *Baleària Foundation. Posidonia has been an essential theme in his works, as the artist has been committed for several years to the goal of giving visibility to the underwater plant through beautiful sculptures, with which he wants to raise the viewer’s awareness of the importance of the plant.
with which he wants to make the spectator aware of the importance of its preservation.
Baleària, which connects the cities of Dénia and Ibiza by sea, is a benchmark shipping company in sustainability thanks to its commitment to more planet-friendly energies. Through its Foundation, it carries out activities to improve social cohesion, culture and environmental sustainability in the areas where it operates.

Cambrils Town Council: https://cambrils-turisme.com

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Eivissa Town Council: https://turisme.eivissa.es

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Baleària Foundation: https://fundaciobalearia.org/


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