Es Botafoc lighthouse

The town’s most emblematic beacon, erected in the 19th century

Es Botafoc lighthouse, the town’s most emblematic beacon, is located at the end of the Paseo Marítimo, next to the dyke that seals the port to the east. It was inaugurated in 1861 and designed by engineer Emili Pou. It houses a two-story residence and its unusual structure is the result of the reduced space available on the rocky outcrop. Since its inauguration it has been inhabited by a succession of lighthouse keepers and their families.

Two decades after its construction, however, Es Botafoc ceased to be an islet and was joined to the port via the breakwater and the seafront promenade, which in turn has been extended over the years. It originally operated using an olive oil lamp, which was later replaced with Scottish paraffin and finally, in 1918, with electricity. It emits white light at intervals of seven seconds and features a siren that sounds when there is fog. The lamp is located at 16 metres high – 31 metres above sea level – and can be seen from the entire port area and the town walls. In 2003 the port was extended to include the current breakwater and today the lighthouse shares the spotlight with the countless vessels and cruise ships that are continuously arriving from Denia, Palma and Barcelona, all of which dock at its feet. The interior is closed to the general public but the path that surrounds the outside offers wonderful views of the town walls and the island of Formentera.