The Puget Museum

Costumbrist scenes of Ibiza, in a noble house in Dalt Vila

The Puget Museum occupies a former aristocratic residence in Dalt Vila on what was formerly the main street. It is popularly known as Can Comasema as it was the Palou de Comasema family, originally from Mallorca, who occupied it during the 19th century. The oldest part of the house probably dates from the 15th century.

The building currently houses a collection of 130 pictorial works by Narciso Puget Riquer and Narciso Puget Viñas that were donated to the state by the family. The oil paintings and watercolours are in a style known as Costumbrism, or Costumbrismo, and depict landscapes and scenes from everyday life in Ibiza in the early- and mid-twentieth century.

In 2003 the Eivissa (Ibiza) Town Council ceded Can Comasema to the Ministry of Culture for the purposes of mounting a permanent exhibition and the Puget Museum opened its doors in April, 2007.

The existence of a family coat of arms of Catalan origin on the capitals of some of the columns in the patio suggests that the building was formerly a factory.

The entire building is infused with Catalan-influenced, Gothic style elements. The main façade faces south and consists of simple rendered plaster. The main entrance is a hardwood door with a semi-circular keystone arch and the upper floor features a very elegant three-arch window. Decorative elements include gothic ornamentation and capitals featuring plant motifs.

Museu Puget
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