The Madina Yabisa Information Centre

Discover the city during the Moorish period

This is a new-generation model of an interpretation centre, that mainly uses audiovisual technology to transmit knowledge about the history of the city and, in particular, everything that refers to the Islamic period and the Arabic fortification.

The centre is housed in the Curia building that was built in the 14th and 15th centuries, making use of the structural elements of the old Arabic wall. The renovation of this building restored the memory of the old medina.

Visitors can enjoy a world of lights and images whose main attraction is a great audiovisual model that offers a rigorous, spectacular vision of the historical evolution of the cit.The inside of a tower from the old Arab fortress and the remains of the wall can be seen.

Centre d’ Interpretació Madina Yabisa
c/ Mayor 2, Edifici La Cúria
Tel. 971392390