Historic buildings

La Cúria
The Casa de la Cúria was the island's court house in medieval times. It is a two-tier building. The top floor leads to the Plaça de la Catedral. The current entrance used to be [...]
Can Botino
Can Botino house, located at the beginning of the street Carrer Pere Tur, was built in the mid-17th century by Genoese builders for a family of Italian merchants. The builders [...]
Almudaina Castle
.Eivissa Castle consists of a group of buildings on the summit of the hill Puig de Vila. Before the Renaissance city walls were built, this enclosure– together with the fortress [...]
Town hall of Ibiza
The former Dominican monastery has been the home of the Eivissa City Council since 1838. This monastery was one of the last ones founded by the Dominican monks in the Balearic [...]
Home to the University
The creation of the Universitat as the form of local government was granted by King James II of Majorca. It was already functioning as an established and permanent body in 1299, [...]