The Episcopal Palace

The old provost building, seat of the bishopric since 1782

The donation of assets to the parish church of Santa Maria included a building designed as a place of residence for the ecclesiastic leaders – the pabordia or provost. It was a building located to the west of the church, next to the street that led to the fortress now called Carrer de la Soledat, as documented in the donation deed granted to the Church in Majorca on 15th of September 1235.

With the creation of the Bishopric in 1782, this ancient building was fitted out as an Episcopal residence, with thorough renovation and extension work being carried out on it at this time, turning some rooms of the ancient pabordia into the storage rooms in the ground floor of the new building, some of which are still preserved next to Carrer de la Soledat. It would seem that these rooms were referred to in a document dating from 1423, which qualified them as old.

In the 18th century, the upper floor was built, which you could get to by the means of the staircase adjoined to the castle wall, which, until a few years ago, was blocked off by a stone wall that was replaced in 1983 by the iron railing which currently stands.