L’Hospitalet Church

Temple from the 18th century, built on top of the old hospital for the poor

The name of this church, which is currently an exhibition hall, bears witness to the existence of an old hospital with a chapel that was mentioned in diverse mediaeval documents. A text from 1410, which refers to the Hospital del Arrabal, mentions that it was funded by the Universitat (the regional autonomous government at the time). Another document, which dates back to 1423, mentions that the hospital church was dedicated to Blessed Mary Full of Grace

At the end of the 17th century, the bishop of Tarragona, Josep Mora, ordered the hospital building to be remodelled, leading to the construction of the Church, which was inaugurated in 1708.

The temple has a single nave that is covered by a barrel vault and a polygonal apse. The façade has a small niche and a small rose window above the centre of the main door. The wall belfry is at the very top, on one of the sides of the building.

In the 1970s, it was remodelled by architect Elías Torres. Since then it has been used for various things: a theatre hall or an annexe to the Contemporary Art Museum. It is currently used by the Ibiza Orthodox community and it is not open to the public.