The town’s longest beach occupies the bay next to the port

Located in the bay of the same name, Talamanca is a shallow, sheltered beach with fine natural sand. It is 900 metres long (the longest in the municipality of Eivissa) and is between 25 and 30 metres in width.

Besides being in a closed bay and having shallow waters, another of the advantages of Talamanca is that it is very close to the city centre, which means it can be reached by public transport or bicycle.

While beach offers numerous leisure, dining and accommodation options, its length means it is relatively quiet at any time of year.

Ibiza Town’s smoke-free beach areas

For those seeking smoke-free beach areas the local council has implemented two sections of Talamanca Bay. The first of these consists of the section between Hotel Ses Figueretes and Hotel Simbaud.

The other no-smoking section begins at the Hotel Simbaud pool and extends as far as the limit marked by a six-branch palm tree.