Inside the Cathedral's Diocesan Museum.
Diocesan museum
The Diocesan Museum in Eivissa Cathedral holds and exhibits multiple artistic and artisanal pieces relating to liturgy and the history of the Ibizan church, from the 13th century [...] READ MORE
The Puget Museum's emblematic patio, an example of Gothic architecture.
The Puget Museum
The Puget Museum occupies a former aristocratic residence in Dalt Vila on what was formerly the main street. It is popularly known as Can Comasema as it was the Palou de Comasema [...] READ MORE
The Contemporary Art Museum in Dalt Vila.
The Contemporary Art Museum
Eivissa Contemporary Art Museum (MACE) was opened in 1969 promoted by Eivissa City Council and encouraged by the Eivissa Biennial which had been held for the first time in 1964. [...] READ MORE
Erwin Broner built his house in 1960.
Casa Broner
Broner's work can be found in various parts of the city, especially in the sailing districts and the port. This is his own house and it has been kept just how he designed it. On [...] READ MORE
The Archaeological Museum is accessed via the square in front of the Cathedral.
The Archaeological Museum
The Archaeological Museum is the institution that preserves, carries out research on and exhibits the material remains of the historic past of the islands of […] READ MORE
The bust of the goddess Tanit occupies the centre of the exhibition
Puig des Molins Museum-Necropolis
This is the world's largest and best-preserved necropolis. Located in Puig des Molins, in ancient times it served as the Ibiza Town cemetery. The site is located 500 metres [...] READ MORE
The Madina Yabisa Information Centre is housed in the old Casa de la Cúria.
The Madina Yabisa Information Centre
This is a new-generation model of an interpretation centre, that mainly uses audiovisual technology to transmit knowledge about the history of the city and, in particular, [...] READ MORE
The Sant Jaume bulwark in the Ronda Calvi
The Sant Jaume bulwark
The main theme of the Sant Jaume Bastion, opened in spring 2008 and situated in Ronda Calvi, is military technology in modern history and how fortifications changed and gunpowder [...] READ MORE
The casemate in the Sant Pere bulwark, from the top.
The Sant Pere bulwark
In August 2007, the Sant Pere bastion was opened to the public, in the northeast of the walled site, an area which has been turned into a museum with audiovisual displays that [...] READ MORE
Casa Colom can be visited from June to October
Casa Colom
For decades now, Ibizan journalist Nito Verdera has been upholding the theory that Christopher Columbus was born in Ibiza and that the Columbus family lived in this historic [...] READ MORE