Pepa Bonett
An Adlib fashion boutique with a variety of styles for men, women and children. All garments are made using natural cotton in a range of […] LEER MÁS
Galería Tanit
A hand-made jewellers featuring designs by local artist Virginia Ferrer. The shop offers a range of jewellery, ethnic pieces, precious stones, semi-precious pearls in addition […] LEER MÁS
Tres Ibiza
Islander José Prats designs and produces collections of cotton and silk clothing and accessories in Mediterranean colours for the Tres Ibiza brand name, including evening […] LEER MÁS
Piluca Bayarri
Adlib fashion designer Piluca Bayarri opened her first boutique in the Es Botafoc Marina, where she offers a selection of evening wear in addition to […] LEER MÁS
This shop features an extensive selection of Spanish and imported wines, sparkling wines and top-shelf liquors. Enotecum has another shop at km 1 of the […] LEER MÁS
Majoral Store-Gallery
Jeweller Enric Mojoral won the National Crafts Award in 2007 and his Ibizan shop offers Mediterranean-inspired jewellery designs featuring seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) as well as […] LEER MÁS
Pastelería San José
This pastry shop has been in operation for more than 60 years and offers typical Ibizan fare such as flaó, ensaimadas and cupcakes as well […] LEER MÁS
Districte Hipérbole
A bookshop, art gallery, café and wine bar with tapas. The shop offers new publications as well as rare and even some unpublished works, the […] LEER MÁS
Los Valencianos
Los Valencianos ice-cream parlour boasts more than 70 years’ experience in hand-made ice-cream, ‘horchata’ (a drink made from tiger nuts and milk), slushies and sorbets. […] LEER MÁS
Artesanía Ibicenca
This shops features popular ceramics by Toni ‘Frígoles’ and other Ibizan artists, including bowls, plates, figures inspired by the Punic period, urns and other traditional […] LEER MÁS
Pomar Regals
This boutique offers a selection of traditional island jewellery in modernised designs by sisters Elisa and Marina Pomar, a partnership that has garnered well-deserved success […] LEER MÁS
Catalina Bonet
Catalina Bonet is one of the classic Adlib fashion designers, offering garments made with natural fabrics and white dresses with lace borders. Her designs change […] LEER MÁS
Dora Herbst Ibiza
Dora Herbst was one of the faces behind the fashion scene in Ibiza in the 1970s and continues to offer her particular blend of classic […] LEER MÁS
Flor y Nata
A pastry shop that opened in 1982 offering typical island fare such as flaó, cupcakes and ensaimada (pastries) as well as local herb-infused liquors and […] LEER MÁS
Piratas de Ibiza
Piratas de Ibiza brand name shops offer unisex t-shirts and denim wear featuring the unmistakable, timeless style that characterises the brand name. LEER MÁS
A Gastrobar where patrons can sample and purchase cold cuts, local cheeses, hand-made Ibizan confectionary, wines, liquors and selected local produce. LEER MÁS
Craftsman Pedro Planells specialises in made-to-measure leather sandals in addition to other leather goods such as handbags, belts, briefcases and decorative objects. The principal characteristic […] LEER MÁS
José Pascual
A shop offering traditional wicker baskets known as ‘senallons’ in addition to hats, hammocks, rugs, curtains and chairs. The shop has been in operation for […] LEER MÁS
Librería Vara de Rey
A veritable institution on the island in terms of literature, children’s books, tour guides, stationary, newspapers, magazines and gifts. LEER MÁS
Charo Ruiz Ibiza
Women’s fashion with hand-crafted creations featuring the characteristic trademark designs of the Charo Ruíz Ibiza brand name, one of the premier names in Adlib fashion. […] LEER MÁS
Encarna Planells opened her shop in 1994 and continues to offer contemporary young women’s fashion. Gatzara Ibiza opens year round, offering casual clothing as well as accessories, […] LEER MÁS
A fashion boutique run by Adlib designer Teresa Bermejo and featuring white cotton and linen garments (some with lacework and embroidery) for those in search […] LEER MÁS
Campos de Ibiza
Campos de Ibiza is a range of perfumes inspired by the natural surroundings, idyllic beaches and cosmopolitan ambience of Ibiza. Campos de Ibiza shops offer […] LEER MÁS
Hand-made Adlib clothing and accessories for kids and babies, the shop also offers traditional rope sandals, hats, bibs, bags, bathing suits and a wide range […] LEER MÁS
Vila Vins Gourmet
In addition to offering premium wines, champagnes, cavas and spirits, Vila Vins Gourmet also offers a selection of local produce including olive oil, cheese, chocolate, […] LEER MÁS
Vila Vins
A shop offering an extensive selection of premium champagnes, cavas, wines, liquors and spirits in addition to wine accessories, glassware and a wide range of […] LEER MÁS
La Bota
A reference point in Ibiza in terms of clothing for all the family, including children’s and baby’s clothing for both everyday wear and special events. The men’s […] LEER MÁS
Elisa Pomar Joyas
This shop features designs by Elisa Pomar, who has revitalised and modernised the more emblematic pieces of traditional Ibizan jewellery, infusing them with vigour and […] LEER MÁS
Bamba Adlib
Ibizan-style clothing with 100% natural fabrics made from quality cotton and linen. For women – a wide selection of dresses and formal wear, for men […] LEER MÁS
Ad Libitum
This boutique offers the latest collections by Charo Ruiz, one of the best-known Adlib designers, and includes women’s evening dresses and gowns for special events […] LEER MÁS
Sombrerería Bonet
This historic, town centre hat shop was inaugurated in 1916 by the grandfather of the current owner, Virginia Bonet, and is one of the few […] LEER MÁS
Forn de Can Vadell
A pastry shop that has been home to four generations of pastry chefs and continues to offer traditional flaó, cupcakes, ensaimadas and greixonera (local specialities). […] LEER MÁS
Aniseta offers wines, liquors and local produce such as olive oil, cheese, ‘sobrasada’, cold meats, marmalades and sea salt in addition to local herb-based liquors […] LEER MÁS
Can Murenu
This historic enterprise opened in 1920 and offers gifts, fishing tackle and hunting accessories in addition to other island-related products such as traditional musical instruments, […] LEER MÁS
La Canela
Bread and pastry shop offering typical Ibizan produce, hand-made confectionary, savoury snacks, buns and delicatessen goods as well as wines, cavas and liquors. LEER MÁS
Vicente Ganesha
Vicente Ganesha has created a most original bazaar that is frequented by international celebrities who come in search of original fashion items or merely to […] LEER MÁS
Papelería Ca’n Verdera
Located in the La Marina district, Ca’n Verdera has been operating for more than a century. It originally housed a printing press acquired by Jose […] LEER MÁS
Natural is a chain of shops that was founded in 1979 with the objective of offering organic produce, macrobiotic foods, products designed for diabetics and […] LEER MÁS
Ibiza Das
A boutique offering clothing by brand names from the Adlib school such as Beatrice San Francisco, Tony Bonet and Ivanna Mestres as well as other […] LEER MÁS
Only T-shirts
A brand name specialising in t-shirts with designs inspired by Ibiza and the Mediterranean and featuring quality cotton prints in a wide range of colours […] LEER MÁS