El Cigarral
El Cigarral is the oldest Castilian cuisine restaurant in the city. Located in a spot close to central Isidor Macabich Avenue and run by the Ortiz family. They normally offer [...] LEER MÁS
Bar San Juan
Ibicenca, Mediterránea
The San Juan Bar is the oldest restaurant in the city still in operation. It opened as an inn in 1874 and continues to offer  recipes from the island and home-style Mediterranean [...] LEER MÁS
Sa Brisa
De Autor, Tapas
A place with a double terrace and a contemporary interior, where guests choose between a remarkable menu of signature gastrotapas to share, which are served with an eye catching [...] LEER MÁS
La Brasa
Romantic terrace, wide with a garden atmosphere, backing onto the city walls, near the Plaça del Parc. Offers Mediterranean cuisine, with some Catalan dishes, and a selection of [...] LEER MÁS
Fonda Can Costa
Ibicenca, Mediterránea
One of the most traditional restaurants in Ibiza, founded in 1924 in the quarter of La Marina. Offers affordable home cooking, which both local residents as well as travellers and [...] LEER MÁS
La Cava
Mediterránea, Tapas, Bocadillos
Central establishment in Vara de Rey, where you can have breakfast, eat a menu for lunch, dishes from the menu a la carte, tapas or pinchos or have a few cocktails at night. Its [...] LEER MÁS
Peter Pan
This small little restaurant in the Sa Penya neighbourhood located at the end of Carrer de la Mare de Déu intersecting with Calle La Virgen, has just a few tables on its terrace. [...] LEER MÁS
Mediterránea, Internacional, De Autor
A welcoming bistro beside bustling Plaça del Parc where the French chef Armel Guillemin prepares haute French cuisine dishes that vary depending on the market, the season and how [...] LEER MÁS
Can Gourmet
This tiny establishment, which was an old ropeworks in La Marina, is full of cuisine from all over. Out front, its chalkboards full of sandwiches grabs your attention, they’re [...] LEER MÁS
San Telmo
Mediterránea, De Autor, Fusión, Tapas
Historic restaurant for French cuisine, converted by a group of young Catalans into a spot for dégustation, where tapas and signature dishes to be shared are served. To prepare [...] LEER MÁS
Mar a Vila
Mediterránea, Tapas, Bocadillos
Lately in this area, the city has seen pincho bars options on the increase. One of the best known is Mar a Vila, with a large bar counter where all of the house specialties are [...] LEER MÁS
Ibicenca, Mediterránea
Calma’s terrace sits on a pier on the other side of the bay, where you have a great view of the old port, the quarter of La Marina and the ramparts. The reason being is the lack [...] LEER MÁS
La Bodega
International tapas spot located next to the ramp giving access to the ramparts. Has a terrace and inner dining room which occupies the old stables of La Marina. Its gastronomy [...] LEER MÁS
El Hotel Pachá
Mediterránea, De Autor
The Hotel Pachá restaurant, next to the Paseo Marítimo, offers signature dishes, a minimalist and welcoming dining area that features some ethnic touches. The chef, Íñigo [...] LEER MÁS
Sa Nansa
An inviting spot located near the Paseo Marítimo, where you can enjoy traditional Ibizan seafood cuisine, as well as a wide range of rice dishes and shellfish. The chef, Pedro [...] LEER MÁS
Ca n’Alfredo
Ca n’Alfredo is one of the classics as far as Ibizan gastronomy goes. An establishment with a long history, which was founded in 1934 by a family of Jewish immigrants fleeing [...] LEER MÁS
Can Terra
Mediterránea, Tapas, Bocadillos
One of the busiest Basque bars with one of the largest selections of pinchos and tapas in the city. Located on the central street Calle Ignasi Wallis and offering an inner [...] LEER MÁS
This historic sailors inn opened its doors in 1939, at the end of the Spanish Civil War. For decades they’ve been serving rice and fish in the Ibizan style, on their terrace and [...] LEER MÁS
Café Mercat
Tapas, Bocadillos
Bar next to Mercat Nou, for having tapas with friends Café for meeting friends and having some tapas, pinchos or beer. Breakfasts are also available. […] LEER MÁS
La Bodega Talamanca
Mediterránea, Tapas
Terrace at the end of Talamanca beach, where you can enjoy warm summer nights sharing tapas and dishes with friends. They offer pâtés, patatas bravas, meats, shellfish, etc. The [...] LEER MÁS
Can Moreta
Tapas, Bocadillos
A long-standing bar, founded in 1958 and recently renovated. Relaxed setting with a neighbourhood feel, where you can enjoy great food with typical tapas and Mediterranean dishes. [...] LEER MÁS
Ke Kafé
Mediterránea, Tapas
Ke Kafé forms a part of the local history of La Marina, since it housed the old printing press for the Diario de Ibiza newspaper. It has an outdoor terrace, in one of the [...] LEER MÁS
Can Pou
Tapas, Bocadillos
Can Pou opened at the end of the 19th century and is the oldest cafe in the city. It has a large terrace beside the port and has undergone a number of changes, from being a luxury [...] LEER MÁS
El Zaguán
Tapas, Bocadillos
In one of the most central streets in the city lies El Zaguán, the oldest Basque pincho bar in Ibiza. It offers customers great food that keeps coming out of the kitchen and [...] LEER MÁS
Establishment has urban decor, patrons often local. Guests are invited to try natural recipes prepared with local food from the island which are influenced by traditional cuisine [...] LEER MÁS
Can Miquelitus
Historic tavern which used to be a private home, where fresh fish obtained in Sa Peixateria (the fish market) was taken, and the woman of the house would cook it for a modest [...] LEER MÁS
Ibicenca, Tapas
Small, free and easy beach bar, with a terrace literally right on the shore of Talamanca. They serve grilled sardines and other fish and rice dishes. They also have tapas to be [...] LEER MÁS